Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am a lover of God's creations, especially plants. I started loving gardening and horticulture as soon as I could walk. One of my earliest memories, involves peace lilies that were growing near our front door in Monteray.

My Granny C had a gift for growing things. All plants seemed to know that they were supposed to thrive if she touched them. On visits to her house, she would let me get into the garden and pick either vegetables or flowers! If we picked vegetables- like carrots, potatoes, and green beans- she would then cook them into a wonderful lunch for me. I miss those days.

Likewise, my Grandad B (on the other side of the family) was a farmer. I remember his huge garden in the Ozarks and helping him to water the plants, especially the tomatoes. He had large coffee tins stuck into the ground at the base of each of those tomatoes. There were holes poked into those cans and every day, we'd have to fill each coffee tin to the top with water so that the tomatoes would have enough to drink. I was eight, and it was a lot of work. Most of those plants were much taller than me.

After such a heritage, it is no wonder that I ended up getting a degree in horticulture. (I entered college with plans to study business- having already taken 15 hours of courses at the local community college.) During my 3rd semester I took Horticulture 201 as an "easy" science- hoping to avoid biology. I fell in love and changed my major before the semester was through.

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